About AppTrailers

Let’s face it, apps cost money… even the free ones aren’t free (hello Candy Crush!) and can end up costing you more than the paid apps with all their in-app purchases. I admit, I’ve been an app junkie since I had my iPhone 1. I’ve personally purchased over 1,000 apps of my own over the years, and some of those purchases I’ve regretted as soon as I opened the app.

I created AppTrailers for a single reason: I found myself visiting the App Store and after finding an app that interested me, reading the reviews, but then still undecided, I searched YouTube for the videos just to see what it would look like. As good as the App Store is at trying to paint the whole picture, even with a few photos and some questionable reviews, watching a video trailer always made the final decision for me. Also, while some app developers put links to YouTube videos in their app descriptions, they aren’t clickable! You can’t copy and paste from iTunes, either. It’s a frustrating user experience.

So AppTrailers was born.

AppTrailers mimics the Apple App Store by presenting you to the exact same list of Top Paid Apps, Top Free Apps, and Top Grossing Apps–all updated throughout the day, in the exact same order as you see in iTunes, with the same information that you see in iTunes. The biggest difference? We’ve got videos!

So bookmark this site and instead of visiting the App Store to browse the top apps, visit AppTrailers–we hand-pick the best trailer to help you make your buying decision. Because whether it’s $.99 or $9.99, it’s money out of your wallet, and a video trailer for an app will make or break your buying decision.

In time I hope to expand the reach of AppTrailers to other platforms. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy this new way to shop for apps, giving you more insight into apps!

Chris Duke
Founder & Developer, AppTrailers
Writer, Duke’s Tech
Web: chrisduke.tv